The Super Platform that orchestrates, finances, and insures your first mile

As an importer or an Exporter, with Cargo Produce, you will have full control and visibility of your supply chain.

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We know your challenges

Bringing products to the world's shelves is not an easy task: Multiple origins, different destinations, many actors involved.

It takes place in all industries.

Exporters and importers have their core business controlled by their ERPs. However, the process that covers the movement of products from one country to another (the first mile) is still in the hands of basic tools for the level of challenges.

We offer you a better way

We digitize your first mile with technology, connecting you to different sources of information, allowing you to anticipate exceptions through proactive communication with your customers and operational partners, measuring and improving throughout the entire process.

As easy as working with Excel

But better

But more collaborative

But more productive

But faster

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Efficient and effective collaboration

Say goodbye to the tedious process of consolidating excel spreadsheets, chasing emails, and tracking messages. Cargo Produce allows you to manage key insights connecting your internal team and external partners and facilitating the correct decision-making.

Finance and pay your Logistics Vendors

Have all your payments in one place and ease your cash flow.


Insure your products end-to-end by getting the best coverage alternatives in the market.

Cargo produces gave us clarity to improve our OKRs, and the convenience of having our entire operation in one place”

Cristobal Murillo

SelkBags - CEO


“Cargo Produce nos habilitó a que el flujo de revisión documental con nuestro despachante de aduana tenga trazabilidad y contexto.”

Mariano Lardiez

ARC Food - Director Comercial


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