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The Single Platform
You Will Ever Need.

Find what you’re looking for on the Cargo Produce platform. Shipment tracking. Collaboration. Insights and analytics. Say goodbye to the endless spreadsheets, emails, and headaches and say hello to your team’s new logistics launchpad.

No Friction With Your Current IT Setup

With our Easy Onboarding approach you can plug and play Cargo Produce and transform your supply first mile.

How long does it take to get started?

Day 1

We create your company together with the users you need to operate your supply chain.

Day 2 to 4

We create your SKUs and configure the logics of your business that will allow you to automate your Allocation and other key processes that you need to control.

Day 5 to 6

We train your users and accompany them in the onboarding.

Day 7 to 10

We start the creation of your POs / Shipments manually or through integration to your legacy system.

Day 11 – Forever

Enjoy your first digitized and predictive mile in line with your business goals.

As easy as working with Excel. Except better.

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One Connected Network.
One Source of the Truth

Still not convinced?

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