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Finally. A system to empower produce  exporters through their international supply chain.

From programs planning to allocation processes, get the confidence and consistency to domain your business.

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Efficient, Effective Collaboration

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, emails and chasing. Cargo Produce shares key insights across your business, connecting stakeholders to help you make the right decisions, together.

SKU-Level Visibility

Catch exceptions before they become problems with live tracking of every SKU from purchase order to destination. Understand your allocation in real time.

Action-Focused Insights

Track product and your partners performance to eliminate inefficiencies and drive long-term process improvements.

Digitize The Supply Chain First Mile

Bringing produce to the shelves of the worlds is not an easy task. Importers and exporters, along with custom brokers, ocean carriers and trucking companies, work to make that possible.
While the specifics Management of importers and exporters business relies on legacy Systems, the relationship between both remains in the hands of basic tools for the level of challenges.

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Cargo Produce has everything you need for your role…

I'm a CEO
You will access to accurate insights to know in real time the day to day of your export business. We have your back.
I'm in charge of Sales
Let your customers know in a timely manner about the SKUs that are in the process of being shipped, on the water or arriving at their destination. We got you covered.
I'm in charge of Operations
Get everyone in the loop with ease. Integrate all the relevant actors of your operation in one place. They will love you.
I'm in charge of Finance
Count on with our custom alarms of due dates of advance payments and final liquidations of your clients. Short debts make long friends.
I'm in charge of IT
Integrate our platform to the systems you currently have without friction. Sleep tight.

“The produce supply-chain is simple.”
No one ever said.

Connect Your Teams


Cargo Produce brings live supply chain insights into the heart of your business. With targeted updates, you can connect your teams, align your decision-making and move your business forward together.

Optimize Your Allocation

Value Through Data

Stay ahead of demand with our Allocation tool. With live visibility of your planned, confirmed and arriving SKUs your commercial team can catch potential shortfalls earlier and eliminate stock outs before they ever happen.

Track Your Shimpments


Cargo Produce allows you to track the position of your containers while on the sea. With our data model we can anticipate if the shipment is arriving late, early, or on time. All of this in one screen.

How to streamline your international supply
first mile to save time and money.

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The Cargo Produce Advantage


Track the performance of your partners with complete order visibility from origin to destination.


Connect your stakeholders in one place with all the relevant data and context.


Get a planning tool for all your import / export programs.


Monitor stock levels by SKU throughout your supply chain.


Get maximum control over the necessary documentation for each import and export operation.


In just 10 days you start enjoying a connected, predictive, and digital supply chain.


Make better sustainability decisions with complete clarity about your CO2 emissions.


Find and resolve problems instantly with proactive notifications.

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