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For Your Finance Team

Track your payments. No ETA or ETD change will caught you by surprise.

Get an account number, routing number, and corporate cards instantly upon approval.

Make secure deposits and send free ACH and wires anywhere with our industry-leading mobile app.

Benefit from live support by phone, app, or chat—a key reason why 9 out of 10 YC startups choose Brex.

For Your Commercial Team

When, what, and how.

Unlock top-notch customer service with our allocation tool.

Give your customer a workspace to understand everything going on with their shipments.

Make decisions faster with real-time, automated insights from spend reports and alerts.

“The hours we spent managing cards and accounting dropped by double digits per month.”

— Mark Nassif, CFO

Discover Empower, a financial software platform built for speed.

For bookkeepers

End the month-end struggle.

Automate reconciliation with custom category mapping and seamless integrations.

Stay compliant by default with auto-generated receipts and custom spend policies.

Yes, Brex works with that too.

Brex levels up what you already have with software integrations that help you close the books fast.